H3C S5120 SI Series Promotion

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The H3C S5120-SI series switches are Layer 2 intelligent manageable switches designed for networks where high performance, high-density port access and easy installation are required. The S5120-SI series switches are mainly deployed at the access layer in enterprise networks that require Gigabit to the Desktop (GTTD) and at the distribution layer in metropolitan-area networks (MANs).

Full wire-speed, multi-layer switching

S5120-SI series switches offer L2 wire-speed switching capacity. The product series offers high density, wire speed, GE ports and satisfies the most demanding requirements. S5120-SI series switches are able to identify and process traffic flows from L2-L4. With independent packet filters, all ports distinguish different flows and forward them with corresponding priority.

High reliability

S5120-SI series switches support STP/RSTP/MSTP (Spanning Tree Protocol/Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol/Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol). The STP/RSTP features also support BPDU guard and Root guard. Thus the redundancy back-up and error tolerance capability of the link can be greatly improved to guarantee network stability.

S5120-SI series switches support link-aggregation (including manual link aggregation and LACP), providing a simple and cost efficient way to expand the bandwidth of a switch port and balance the traffic among all the ports in a link aggregation. This also enhances connection reliability.




Latest Promotion

Program period: Oct 1, 2016 – Dec 31, 2016

Model Description Promotion Price (HKD)
S5120-28P-SI L2 Switch with 24 1G Base-T ports & 4 1G Base-X Ports(SFP Req.) 6,388
S5120-52P-SI L2 Switch with 48 1G Base-T ports & 4 1G Base-X Ports(SFP Req.) 10,888

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