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Office Relocation

Once in several years, corporations and SMEs may need to move the office to a new location due to many reasons like move to larger office to  cope with business growth, or move to a office with cheaper rental cost.

One of the challenges of office relocation is moving the IT equipment safely. Relocation of IT equipment is different from other company properties because:

  • The data are sensitive and usually confidential and require special handling
  • The IT equipment, especially the hard disks, are prone to damage if not handle carefully
  • Specialists in different area, email, network, Windows AD, PC and many others must be presented to ensure all the systems will run properly after the move
IT Equipment Relocation Service

POTOCO’s professional team has lots of experience in server room and IT equipment relocation projects. We can help the customer from planning and executive the relocation, and most importantly resume all the IT services after the move. The service can include the tasks as listed below.

  • Project planning and resources allocation
  • Examine the path and elevators to ensure larger equipment can be moved through
  • Label the IT equipment for identification
  • Power off all IT equipment, disconnect all the cables and pack them with proper protection
  • Move the IT equipment to the destination
  • Unpack all the IT eqiupment and install and mount them to the proper positions
  • Connect the IT equipment and power-on
  • Perform system tests, network tests and application tests to ensure all the IT services are resumed

POTOCO has all the experience to execute a smooth and safe relocation. You can contact us at 2117-9474, or leave a message if you are planning to move your office and require professional in server room and IT equipment relocation.

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