Network Assessment

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POTOCO’s Network Assessment Service helps your company to boost the network performance and productivity through a detailed evaluation of network infrastructure and understanding of the activity. This is especially suitable for the businesses that have expanded, and need to plan ahead for further upgrades or additions, and will be benefits from this assessment service.

Through this assessment service you can monitor the internal network traffic, identify the problem, optimize the performance by applying effective solutions which it will be included in a customized report.




  • Conduct an initial interview to setup scope of work
  • Study the network topology
  • Determine network segments will be monitored
  • Agree on project schedule
  • Configure and install monitoring equipment
  • Collect data
  • Remove the monitor equipment from the network
  • Prepare reports for monitored segment
  • Present, explain and interpret the reports by consultants
  • Review of network architecture
  • Internal traffic activities
  • Firewall policy review
  • Router policy review
  • Routing table overview
  • IP configuration analysis
  • Network protocol usage
  • Examine network policy
  • Broadcast errors
  • Network Errors
  • Executive Summary
  • Network Diagram
  • Network Activities
  • Identified Network Problems
  • Trend Analysis
  • Recommendations

We customize the scope and deliverable for different customers, please call us at 2117-9474, or leave a message for enquiry.


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