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When the corporate grows, the network grows. Network of SMB was usually designed as a flat network, that is, one single subnet for connecting all the network devices of servers, PCs, printers, etc. The most common problem for these SMB networks is the shortage of usable IP addresses when the number of nodes grow beyond the available IP for the subnet.

It is also incapable to segment the network and apply network access control between different departments or functional groups when network security is a concern.

Nowadays the network is designed on a Layer 3 basis, with a L3 capable switch acting as the network core, such as Cisco Catalyst 3850, and route the data packets between network segments. The following diagram shows a classic network setup for SMB.

network diagram

POTOCO’s Network Design and Migration service provides the customer an end-to-end service from planning, configuration to migration and helps the customer to transit from a flat layer two network to a layer three network.

The scope of Network Migration service includes but not limits to the followings.

  • Review existing network topology
  • Review existing network device configuration
  • Review existing IP addressing scheme
  • Plan and design
  • Configure networking devices for the new network topology
  • Perform network migration
  • Perform integration and functional tests

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