Network Troubleshooting Service

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POTOCO’s Network Troubleshooting Service helps your company to identify network problems which affect the services such as email, applications, Internet, etc.

We provide ad-hoc support sevices for existing or new customers who has an immediate need of experienced network enginners to troubleshoot, identify and solve the network problem.




The flow of network troubleshooting service is briefly described as below:

  • Call our sales hotline for network troubleshooting service when your existing IT vendor cannot help
  • Describe your problems and symptoms
  • Ask for a quotation for the service. Usually the service will be charged on a man day basis
  • Agree on service charge and scope of service
  • Provide remote access to our network engineer, if applicable, for troubleshooting; or the network engineer will visit the customer’s office at the earliest possible time
  • Perform network troubleshooting
  • Identify network problems and fix them if they are configuration issues on network devices such as firewall, routers, switches
  • Inform the customer to replace the hardware if it is found a device failure problem
  • Loan a switch, router, or firewall to the customer(separately charged) if the customer cannot replace a failed hardware
  • Restore or re-configure the hardware to resume to original settings
  • Recommendations to the customer

If you are facing a network problem and seeking immediate help to resolve it, please contact us at once at 2117-9474, or leave a message and let us help.

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