Ruijie Wi-Fi 6 Access Point AP-820-L

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Ruijie RG-AP810-L is a cost-effective entry-level wireless access point (AP) with Wi-Fi 6 dual-radio design. It is easy and flexible for small- and medium-sized enterprises, and its features, functionality, and performance can be extended for large-sized enterprise network deployments.

Ruijie RG-AP810-L supports a maximum wireless throughput of 1.201 Gbps in 5 GHz radio mode (HE80) with 80 MHz bandwidth, and the actual aggregated data rate reaches 1.775 Gbps (HE80/HE40). It fully complies with Wi-Fi 6 features, and ensures minimal signal interference.

High Speed Wi-Fi 6 for Better Experience

The RG-AP810-L optimizes user experience by maximizing Wi-Fi utilization and substantially reducing airtime competition between clients. It provides Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiple Access (OFDMA) and Multi-User Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MU-MIMO). With up to 2 spatial streams (2SS) and 80 MHz channel bandwidth (HE80), the RG-AP810-L delivers the data rate of up to 1.201 Gbps at 5 GHz band, providing pioneering wireless capabilities for enterprises.

Ruijie AP-810 is the best price-value SMB Wi-Fi solution, it comes with Lifetime Clould Management and end-user doesn’t need a physical controller for managing the AP. Please contact us at 2117-9474, or Whatsapp us for more informations.

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